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Biographical entry Fleay, David Howells (1907 - 1993)

6 January 1907
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
7 August 1993
Zoologist and Ornithologist


David Fleay was Director of the Research Reserve, West Burleigh, Queensland from 1952-1982 and sometime Honorary Associate of the Queensland Museum. He was the first person to breed platypus in captivity.


Born Ballarat, Victoria, 6 January 1907. Died West Burleigh, Queensland, 7 August 1993. MBE 1960, AM 1980. Educated University of Melbourne (BSc 1931, DipEd.). Education Department of Victoria 1926-34; designer and curator, Australian Section, Melbourne Zoological Gardens 1934-37; director, Sir Colin Mackenzie Sanctuary, Healesville, Victoria 1937-47, later consultant to Committee; established a sanctuary zoo, West Burleigh, near Brisbane 1952-82, when he handed the reserve over to the State National Parks and Wildlife Service. Writer of weekly column in the Courier-Mail (Brisbane) for many years and also wrote a number of books, including We Breed the Platypus (1944). Supplier of taipan and death adder venom to Commonwealth Serum Laboratories 1953-. Australian Natural History Medallion 1941; Fellow, New York Explorers Club 1979; Advance Australia Award 1984; Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow 1984. Founder, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. The giant frog, Mixophyes fleayi, was named after him.


Award - Australian Natural History Medallion, Field Naturalist Club of Victoria

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