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Biographical entry Haast, Franz Julius von (Julius) (1822 - 1887)


1 May 1822
Bonn, Prussia
16 August 1887
Christchurch, New Zealand
Explorer, Geologist and Museum director


Julius von Haast was a German geologist who travelled to New Zealand in 1858 to report on the suitability of New Zealand for German migration for a British shipping company. He made the acquaintance of fellow geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter and together they made extensive exploratory journeys in both the North and South Islands. After Hochstetter's departure from New Zealand, Haast continued his geological exploration in the South Island often at the request of local authorities. He gained an international reputation for his research on New Zealand's extinct bird, the Moa. In 1868 he was appointed Director of the Canterbury Museum, and in 1876 Professor of Geology at the Canterbury College University. Haast was a regular correspondent with Ferdinand von Mueller, Victoria's Government Botanist. A number of geographical features in New Zealand were named after Haast.



December 1858
Life event - Arrived in New Zealand
Career event - Founding Member, Philosophical Institute of Canterbury
1867 - 1887
Award - Fellow, Royal Society, London
1868 - 1887
Career position - Director, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand
1873 - 1876
Career position - Lecturer in Geology, Canterbury College University, Christchurch, New Zealand
1876 - 1887
Career position - Professor of Geology, Canterbury College University, Christchurch, New Zealand
Award - Patron's Gold Medal, Royal Geographical Society, London
Award - Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCGM)
Career position - New Zealand Commissioner to the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London

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