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Sonia Kleindorfer is an ornithologist whose research on the ecology and behaviour of Australian birds has earned her international recognition. Her focus is on how animal behaviour shapes evolutionary dynamics in birds and parasites. In particular she studies fairy-wrens, firetails and honeyeaters. Kleindorfer discovered that fairy wrens call to their eggs, with implications in understanding how birds program the development of their offspring. She is Director of the Flinders Research Centre for Climate Adaptation and Animal Behaviour and a Professor in the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University.



2002 - ?
Career position - Lecturer in Biology, Flinders University
Life event - Settled in Australia
2004 -
Career position - Head, Birdlab
2008 -
Career position - Associate Editor, Emu: Austral Ornithology
2010 -
Career position - Scientific Director, Flinders Research Centre for Climate Adaptation and Animal Behaviour
Award - D. L. Serventy Medal, Birdlife Australia
2017 - 2018
Career position - Treasurer, Royal Society of South Australia
2018 -
Career position - Vice-President, Royal Society of South Australia

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  • Paton, David C., Robertson, Jeremy and Buchanan, Kate, 'D. L Serventy Medal 2016 citation: Sonia M. Kleindorfer', Emu, 116 (2016), 47. Details

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