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Raymond Haynes is an astrophysicist whose research has ranged from low-frequency radio astronomy and supernova remnants to the role of magnetic fields and the distribution of neutral hydrogen in galaxies. His work resulted in over 300 publications. For over 30 years Haynes was a research scientist with the Australian National Telescope Facility, and coordinated collaborative research programs with Australian and international with facilities such as the Goddard Space Flight Centre, U.S.A. and the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Germany. Haynes was the lead author of Explorers of the southern sky: the history of Australian astronomy (1997), a key work in the science of astronomy in Australia. Haynes if a Fellow of the Astronomical Society of Australia and the Australian Institute of Physics.



Education - BSc, University of Tasmania
Education - PhD, University of Tasmania
1970 - 1972
Career position - CSIRO Post-doctoral fellowship, University of Cambridge
1972 - 2003
Career position - Research Scientist (later Senior Principal Research Scientist), Australian National Telescope Facility, CSIRO
Award - British Council Senior Fellowship, United Kingdom
Life event - Retired

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