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Biographical entry Jolliffe, Katrina (Kate)

Organic chemist


Kate Jolliffe is an organic chemist whose research focuses on the design of complex molecular structures. She has worked the development of antifungal drugs, molecular self-assembly, rigidified cyclic peptides as supramolecular scaffolds, and the synthesis of natural and novel cyclic peptides. Jolliffe has bee Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sydney since 2009.



1992 -
Career position - Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Education - BSc (hons), University of New South Wales
1996 - 1998
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, Universiteit Twente, Netherlands
Education - PhD, University of New South Wales
1998 - 2000
Career position - Temporary Lecturer, University of Nottingham United Kingdom
2000 - 2002
Career position - Research Fellow, Australian National University
2002 - 2007
Award - Queen Elizabeth II Fellow, University of Sydney
Award - Biota Award for Medicinal Chemistry, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Career position - Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
Career position - Associate Professor, University of Sydney
2009 -
Career position - Professor of Chemistry, University of Sydney
2013 -
Award - Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom
2013 - 2016
Career position - Head, School of Chemistry, University of Sydney
Award - A. J. Birch Medal, Organic Chemistry Division, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Award - H. G. Smith Memorial Medal, Royal Australian Chemical Institute

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  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute, '2018 RACI National Award winners', Chemistry in Australia, 2019 (Jan/Feb) (2019), 31-6. Details

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