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Corporate entry Queensland Horticulture Branch (1945 - )

State of Queensland

Food or Beverage Industry and Horticulturist
Reference No
Queensland Archives ID: 2035 (1945 - 1963) 391 (1963 - )
Legal Status
The only difference between the Horticulture Branches of 1945-1963 and post 1963 is the controlling department. Because of this only one entity have been created, although the Queensland State Archives lists these as two distinct agencies.


The Horticulture Branch was a Queensland state government horticultural research and inspection organisation established in 1945. It existed alongside the state Agricultural Chemical Laboratory Branch (1897 - 1963) and focused on fruit, vegetables, food preservation and storage. The Agricultural Chemical Laboratory Branch focused on soil and water analysis, cereals and biochemistry more broadly. The Horticulture Branch was part of the Department of Agriculture and Stock, in 1963 the Department of Agriculture and Stock became the Department of Primary Industries (I) (1963 - 1996) resulting in the re-creation of a Horticulture Branch (1963 - ) within the Department of Primary Industries (I) (1963 - 1996).

Elizabeth Daniels