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Biographical entry Moore, Barry Philip (1925 - 2015)

2 May 1925
United Kingdom
21 November 2015
Bermagui, New South Wales, Australia
Chemist and Entomologist


Barry Moore was an entomologist and chemist whose early research was concerned with chemistry as it related to insect reproduction and pest control. His appointment in 1961 to CSIRO Division of Entomology in Canberra was to investigate chemicals such as attractants, pheromones and defence secretions, and allowed him to combine his chemical and entomological expertise. He was a keen amateur entomologist in his youth and this interest continued when he came to Australia. His main interest was in carabid beetles and he published extensively on the taxonomy of the carabid fauna of Australia, New Zealand and nearby Pacific islands. Many of his publications included his skilful scraperboard illustrations. Most of Moore's collections were deposited in the Australian National Insect Collection: Australian Carabidae shortly after his retirement; Odonata in 1993; the remainder of his non-carabid collections (>12,000 specimens) in 2018. The carabid genus Barrymooreana was named in his honour.



Education - BSc, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Education - PhD, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Education - DPhil, University of Oxford
1951 - 1958
Career position - Research scientist, Pest Infestation Laboratory, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, United Kingdom
1957 - 1958
Career position - President, South London Entomological and Natural History Society
Life event - Migrated to Australia
1958 - 1961
Career position - Research scientist, Chemical Research Laboratories, CSIRO Division of Industrial Chemistry, Melbourne
1961 - 1985
Career position - Head, Division of Physiology and Toxicology, CSIRO Division of Entomology
1962 - 1974
Career position - Vice-President, Australian Entomological Society
1973 - 1974
Career position - Chairman, National Executive, Australian Entomological Society
1975 - 1982
Career position - Editor, Journal of the Australian Entomological Society journal
Life event - Retired
1985 - 2015?
Career position - Honorary Fellow, CSIRO Division of Entomology

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Published resources


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See also

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