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In 2013 the Optometrists Association Australia was renamed Optometry Australia. Optometry Australia is a not for profit professional organisation that aims to support optometrists and the profession in Australia. It can trace its roots back to 1918 and the first national conference of various Australian state optometry associations, some of which had existed since before federation in 1901. Optometry Australia is also a joint publisher of the Journal Clinical and Experimental Optometry alongside New Zealand's, Hong Kong's, and Singapore's optometrist associations.


 1918 - c. 1998 Australian Optometrical Association
       c. 1998 - Optometrists Association Australia
             2013 - Optometry Australia

Published resources


  • Cole, Barry L., A history of Australian optometry: two hundred years of beating the tyranny of distance and fighting political battles to find new roles and a new place in health care (Carlton, Vic.: Australian College of Optometry, 2015), 310 pp. Details

Elizabeth Daniels