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Biographical entry Adeney, William (c. 1842 - c. 1867)

c. 1842
c. 1867


William Adeney was a sketcher and squatter who spent some months in Tasmania before arriving in Victoria in 1843. He was one of the more significant collectors of fossilised bones in the Western District of Victoria. In 1846 he found the fossilised cranium and upper jaw of the Thylacine which were sent by Edward Hobson to Richard Owen in London. Owen used them to classify Thylacoleo and as the basis for the illustrations in his 1859 paper 'On the fossil mammals of Australia'. Adeney took up land in the Western district of Victoria, which he held until 1867, and interested himself in the indigenous people.

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  • Minard, Pete, 'Making the "marsupial lion": bunyips, networked colonial knowledge production between 1830-59 and the description of Thylacoleo carnifex', Historical Records of Australian Science, 29 (2) (2018), 91-102. Details

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