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Biographical entry Gaudry, Garth Ian (1941 - 2012)

16 May 1941
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
18 October 2012
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Garth Gaudry was a mathematician whose main area of research was harmonic analysis, with particular emphasis on singular integrals, Fourier multipliers, and analysis on Lie groups. Often this involved extensive collaborations with other mathematicians. With Robert Edwards he wrote Littlewood-Paley and multiplier theory, which became highly influential in the field. Gaudry held mathematics chairs at both Flinders University and the University of New South Wales where he significantly expanded the courses available. He took a leading role in professional organisations, serving as President of the Australian Mathematical Society and being integral to the establishment of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Council, which ensured the representation of mathematics within the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technical Societies. Gaudry made substantial contributions to policy and curriculum reform at state and national levels. His advocacy for opportunities for engagement with mathematics especially in schools led to him becoming inaugural Director of the International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics.



1966 - 1967
Award - CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Paris, France
1967 - 1968
Award - A.N.U. Travelling Fellowship, Warwick University, United Kingdom
1968 - 1970
Career position - Gibbs Instructor, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Career position - Visiting Professor, University of Genova, Italy
Career position - Research Fellow, Australian National University
1972 - 1973
Career position - Reader in Mathematics, School of Information Science and Technology
1973 - 1992
Career position - Inaugural Professor of Mathematics, School of Information Science and Technology, Flinders University
Career position - Visiting Professor, University of Milan, Italy
1986 - 1988
Career position - Vice-President, Australian Mathematical Society
1988 - 1990
Career position - President, Australian Mathematical Society
1989 - 1992
Career position - Inaugural President, Australian Mathematical Sciences Council
Career position - Visiting Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
1993 - 2003
Career position - Professor of Pure Mathematics, University of New South Wales
Award - Hon Fil Dok, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
1996 - 2002
Career position - Head of School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales
2003 - 2004
Career position - Director, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
2003 - 2008
Career position - Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne
2003 - 2012
Career position - Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales
2004 - 2008
Career position - Director, International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics
Life event - Retired
Award - Distinguished Service Medal, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

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  • Thomas, Jan: with assistance from Patricia Gaudry and Michael Cowling, 'Emeritus Professor Garth Ian Gaudry 16 May 1941 - 18 October 2012', Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society, 40 (1) (2013), 42-9. Details


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