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Denis L Anderson has made significant contributions to apiology focusing on Honey Bee's. Denis Anderson's work has included the discovery, naming and description of a number of Honey Bee pests including the mite's Tropilaelaps mercedasae and Varroa destructer. Other work to determine the causes of specific disorders in certain bee populations and the biology of invasive bee species has contributed greatly to Australian biosecurity.


Denis Anderson founded Bees Down Under in 2012 an organisation that aimed to provide information and support research on Australian Honeybees and native bees. Prior to this role he spent time as a Principal Research Scientist, then Research Fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Industry (CSIRO) Ecosystem Sciences, a Research Fellow at the Australian National University and a Research Scientist at DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) New Zealand. In 2014 Denis Anderson began work with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

In addition to these positions Denis Anderson has received a number of awards including the Goodacre Award from the Australian Beekeeping Industry in 2005, and the CSIRO Entrepreneurship Award in 2007.


1985 - 1989
Career position - Research Scientist, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) New Zealand
1989 - 2004
Career position - Research Fellow, Australian National University
1989 - 2012
Career position - Principal Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Industry (CSIRO)
c. 2005
Award - Goodacre Award, Australian Beekeeping Industry
Award - Entrepreneurship Award, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Industry (CSIRO)
2012 -
Career position - Director, Bees Downunder Pty Ltd Australia
2012 - 2015
Career position - Research Fellow, Ecosystem Science, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Industry (CSIRO)
2014 -
Career position - Scientist, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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