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Biographical entry Crosby, David Franklin (1930 - )

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Accountant and Lepidopterist


David Crosby was an accountant whose interest in butterflies was sparked in the 1940s. He made many collecting trips all over Australia often in company with leading lepidopterists. His comprehensive collection of 13,000 specimens included many specimens from areas now overrun with settlement. It was donated to the Australian National Insect Collection in 1987. Crosby's expertise was sought in an advisory capacity, including by the Melbourne Zoo Butterfly House. In 1951 he published the description of Victoria's endangered Eltham Copper Butterfly.

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  • Upton, M. S., A Rich and Diverse Fauna: the history of the Australian National Insect Collection 1926 - 1991 (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1997), 386 pp. Details

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