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Biographical entry Beccari, Odoardo (1843 - 1920)

16 November 1843
Florence, Italy
25 October 1920
Florence, Italy
Botanist and Collector


Odoardo Beccari was a botanist and plant collector who between 1865 and 1878 travelled widely in southeast Asia, spending several years resident in Sarawak, and made significant collections of specimens. His 1872 visit to New Guinea with ornithologist Luigi D'Albertis resulted in considerable ethnographic and zoological collections, especially birds of paradise. In 1878 Beccari visited Australian and New Zealand. During this visit he met Ferdinand von Mueller, the two later collaborating extensively on the flora of New Guinea. Beccari described over 500 new species and 35 new genera of plants, many of them palms, and published major works on the palm floras of Asia, the Pacific, Cuba and Madagascar. Several plant genera were named in his honour including Beccarinda and Beccariophoenix.



1877 - 1878
Life event - Travelled through Australia and New Zealand
1879 - 1880
Career position - Director, Botanic Gardens, Florence, Italy

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