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Biographical entry Orchard, Anthony (Tony) (1946 - )

22 May 1946
North Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Systematic botanist


Tony Orchard is a systematic botanist whose main research interests are the families Rosaceae, Haloragaceae, Asteraceae, Rubiaceae. He collected widely across Australian and New Zealand, his specimens being lodged principally in the Adelaide and Hobart Herbaria. Orchard was the founding Curator of the Hobart Herbarium, after leaving which he took editorial and executive roles related to the publication of the Flora of Australia and the Australian Plant Census. Together with Bruce Maslin, Orchard played a leading role in the campaign which resulted in the international botanical community conserving the name Acacia against an Australian type specimen. In retirement he has published widely on early Australian botanist Allan Cunningham.



Career position - Botanist, State Herbarium of South Australia
1972 - 1978
Career position - Curator, Cheeseman Herbarium, Auckland, New Zealand
1978 - 1992
Career position - Founding Curator, Tasmanian Herbarium
1992 - 1998
Career position - Editor and Chief Executive, Flora of Australia
1998 - 2003
Career position - Director, Flora Section, Australian Biological Research Survey
2003 - 2005
Career position - Botanist and Herbarium Registrar, Australian National Herbarium
2005 - 2006
Career position - Compiler, Australian Plant Census
2006 - 2009
Career position - Assistant Manager, Plant Biosecurity, Biosecurity Australia
2008 - 2009
Career position - Australian Botanical Liaison Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Published resources


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  • Orchard, A. E. and Orchard, T. A., Allan Cunningham: letters of a botanist/explorer 1791 - 1839 (Weston Creek, ACT: Tony Orchard, 2015), 591 pp. Details

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Resource Sections


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See also

  • Kull, Christian A. and Rangan, Haripriya, 'Science, sentiment and territorial chauvinism in the acacia name change debate', Terra Australis, 34 (2012), 197-219. Details

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