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Biographical entry Hawthorne, David Geoffrey (Geoff) (1935 - 2016)

25 October 1935
Kerang, Victoria, Australia
20 October 2016
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Polymer chemist


Geoff Hawthorne was a polymer chemist who made significant contributions to many polymer chemistry projects for the CSIRO Division of Applied Chemistry. These included the polymer banknote project for which he worked on the development of materials and methods of incorporation of moiré design, and the discovery and development of improved spectroscopic label transfer foils. Hawthorne had a major role in work on the mechanism of cyclopolymerisation of diallyamine monomers, introducing the use of ESR spectroscopy, and was considered the Division's expert in this technique. He shared the CSIRO Medal for his work on notroxide-mediated living free radical polymerisation. Hawthorne was joint holder of a number of patents, including for reduced temperature curing of acetylenic polymers, titanium dioxide pigments and fillers, aqueous polyimide process and coating particulates.



Career position - Laboratory Assistant (part-time),University of Melbourne
Education - MSc, University of Melbourne
Education - PhD, University of Melbourne
1965 - 1970
Career position - Experimental scientist, CSIRO Division of Applied Mineralogy
1970 - 2000?
Career position - Research Scientist (later Principal Research Scientist), CSIRO Division of Applied Chemistry
1978 - 2016
Career position - Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Award - CSIRO Medal (joint)

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  • Hodgkin, J. H., Morton, T. C. and Spurling, T. H., 'Geoff Hawthorne, CSIRO polymer chemist', Chemistry in Australia, 2017 (March) (2017), 32-3. Details

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