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Biographical entry Grimes, Kenneth George (1944 - 2016)

19 October 1944
Proston, Queensland, Australia
17 August 2016
Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Geomorphologist and Speleologist


Kenneth Grimes was a geomorphologist with expertise in karst and pseudokarst formations. During his time with the Geological Survey of Queensland he was involved in the mapping of Mesozoic and Cenozoic deposits throughout Queensland, particularly in the Gulf Country, Cape York Peninsula, and the sand masses of Fraser Island coastline. He made a major contribution to the interpretation of Cenozoic geology and landscape development by the use of duricrust stratigraphy. Grimes came to be regarded as the Survey's expert on the Cenozoic. He became involved in research on the Tertiary Riversleigh fossil sites with Michael Archer, his ability to distinguish deposits from the aerial photos and on the ground leading to discovery of significant fossil vertebrate sites. In 1990 Grimes moved to Victoria and as a consultant geomorphologist concentrated on karst in both limestone and volcanic areas. He published extensively on karst in limestone formations of southern Australia and was involved in the management of the Australian Karst Index. Grimes was a leading member of the Australian Speleological Federation and the Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association, and published guide to a number of cave systems.



Education - BSc (Hons) - University of Queensland
1969 - 1990
Career position - Geologist, Regional Mapping Section, Geological Survey of Queensland
1975 - 1991
Career position - Queensland Co-ordinator, Australian Karst Index, Australian Speleological Federation
1990 - 2014
Career position - Consultant geomorphologist
1999 - 2016
Career position - Co-Editor, Helictite
Award - Edie Smith Award, Australian Speleological Federation

Published resources

Journal Articles

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