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Biographical entry Dicker, Charles William Hamilton (1855 - 1912)

Chichester, United Kingdom
Dorchester, United Kingdom
Clergyman and Natural history artist


Charles Dicker was ordained in 1881 and served five years in Winchester before moving to Tasmania to become a minor canon at Hobart Cathedral in 1886. For eight years he was minister in the parish of Hamilton. Dicker also travelled on mainland Australia and made the acquaintance of Ferdinand von Mueller in Melbourne. He was a skilled draftsman and throughout his time in Australia painted the wildlife and scenery that he saw. On returning to the United Kingdom in 1897 he published "The naturalist in Australia" in volume 26 of the Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. An exhibition of his drawings and paintings of views of Australia and wildflowers, some annotated by Mueller, was held in 1977 in the Maas Gallery, London.



1886 - 1889
Career position - Minor canon, Hobart Cathedral, Tasmania
1889 - 1897
Career position - Parish minister, Hamilton, Tasmania

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