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Biographical entry Holmes, William (c. 1797 - 1831)

c. 1797
Lancashire, England
Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia
Zoological collector


William Holmes was born in Lancashire England before settling in Sydney in 1827. William Holmes was the first appointed 'Zoologist' and a superintendent of the newly established Museum of New South Wales, now known as the Australian museum. Although William Holmes does not appear to have had any formal scientific training, he was a carpenter and joiner by trade, he appears to have been actively involved in collecting specimens for the new museum. Some sources argue his carpentry skills would have been very useful in building the display cabinets and cases to house the growing collection of the Museum of New South Wales. William Holmes dies in 1831 after a shooting accident while collecting specimens for the museum.



1829 - 1831
Career position - Superintendent and Zoologist, Museum of New South Wales

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  • Whitley, G. P., 'William Holmes the Australian Museum's First Custodian', The Australian Museum Magazine, 13 (1961), 306. Details

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