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Biographical entry Chubb, Ian (1943 - )


17 October 1943
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Administrator, Chief Scientist and Neuroscientist


Ian Chubb was Australia's Chief Scientist from 2011 to 2016. In this role his main concerns were improving the infrastructure for scientific research and training, the need for a national science strategy, and raising the public profile in science in the media. After a successful career in the field of neuroscience research, Chubb served in senior administrative roles in four Australian universities, including as Vice-Chancellor of Flinders and the Australian National Universities. In addition he has been Chairman or a member of policy advisory bodies including the Higher Education Council and the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council. Chubb has been a committed and effective advocate for industry and government support for innovation and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



1969 - 1971
Career position - Heyman's Research Fellow, University of Ghent, Bel
1971 - 1973
Career position - Wellcome Scholar, Christ Church, University of Oxford
1973 - 1977
Career position - Research Fellow, St John's College University of Oxford
1975 - 1977
Career position - Royal Society Horace Le Marquand and Dudley Bigg Research Fellow, University of Oxford
1977 - 1985
Career position - Lecturer (later Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor), School of Medicine, Flinders University
1986 - 1990
Career position - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Wollongong
Career position - Emeritus Professor, University of Wollongong
1990 - 1994
Career position - Chairman, Higher Education Council
1993 - 1994
Career position - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Monash University
1995 - 2000
Career position - Vice-Chancellor, Flinders University
Award - Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for service to the development of higher education policy and its implementation at state, national and international levels, as an administrator in the tertiary sector, and to research, particularly in the field of
Award - Honorary DSc, Flinders University
2000 - 2001
Career position - Member, Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC)
2000 - 2002
Career position - President, Australian Vice-Chancellor's Committee (AVCC)
Award - Centenary Medal for service to Australian society through tertiary education and university administration
2001 - 2011
Career position - Vice-Chancellor, Australian National University
2003 - 2004
Career position - Chair, Group of Eight Ltd
Award - Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for service to higher education, including research and development policy in the pursuit of advancing the national interest socially, economically, culturally and environmentally, and to the facilitation of a know
2006 - 2009
Career position - President, International Alliance of Research Universities
2006 - 2009
Career position - President, International Alliance of Research Universities
2008 -
Career position - Member of the Board (part-time), CSIRO
Award - ACT Australian of the Year
Award - Thomas Hart Benton Mural Medallion, Indiana University, U.S.A.
2011 - 2016
Career position - Chief Scientist, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Award - Honorary Bragg Member, Royal Institution of Australia
Award - Australian Academy of Science Medal
2017 -
Award - Elected Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

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