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Biographical entry Kaiser, Thomas Reeve (1924 - 1998)

2 May 1924
2 July 1998
Astrophysicist, Geophysicist and Physicist


Thomas Kaiser was a prominent Australian physicist who spent most of his working life in England studying and teaching space geophysics at the University of Sheffield. His political activity had a significant impact on his scientific career and resulted in him having to permanently move to England and being dismissed from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).



c. 1947 - c. 1949
Education - Doctorate, University College, Oxford
Life event - Moved from Australia to England
1950 - 1955
Career position - Turner Newell and ICI Research Fellow, Jodrell Bank Experimental Station, Manchester University
1955 - 1956
Career position - Lecturer in Physics, Reading University
1956 - 1966
Career position - Senior Lecturer in Physics, Sheffield University
1966 - 1987
Career position - Professor of Space Physics, Sheffield University

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