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Biographical entry Cameron, John Brewer (1843 - 1897)

31 December 1843
Kilmonivaig, Inverness, Scotland
31 December 1897
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


John Cameron was a surveyor who worked for several years in Fiji and Victoria before joining the New South Wales survey department in 1875. He is known as the principal surveyor of the New South Wales/Queensland border, undertaken 1879 - 1881 while employed by the New South Wales Triangulation Survey. Other triangulation surveys included the New England Tablelands. In 1885 he moved to British New Guinea and was variously employed in surveying and farming, as Resident Magistrate for the Western District, and a Private Secretary to the Administrator, William McGregor. Cameron accompanied McGregor on his exploration to Mount Owen Stanley. Mt Cameron in Papua New Guinea is named in his honour. Cameron Corner is the point at which the borders of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia meet.



Life event - Migrated to Australia with his family
1869 - 1872
Career position - Surveyor, Polynesian Company, Fiji
1872 - 1875
Career position - Surveyor, Victorian Geodetic Survey
1875 - 1879
Career position - Surveyor, New South Wales Lands Department
1879 - 1883
Career position - 1st Class Surveyor, New South Wales Triangulation Survey
1879 - 1886
Career position - Member, Royal Society of New South Wales
Career position - Founding Member, New South Wales Branch, Geographical Society of Australasia
1889 - 1892
Career position - Resident Magistrate and Surveyor and Map Maker, Western District, British New Guinea
Career position - Fellow, Royal Geographical Society of London
1896 - 1897
Career position - Government Surveyor, British New Guinea

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  • Kitson, W. S., 'John Brewer Cameron surveyor and explorer 1843 - 1897', Australian Surveyor, 34 (4) (1988), 407-20. Details


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