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Biographical entry Levick, George Murray (1876 - 1956)

30 May 1876
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
30 May 1956
Poltimore, Devon, United Kingdom
Antarctic explorer and Naval surgeon


George Levick was a naval surgeon who joined Robert Scott's 1910-1913 Terra Nova Expedition to Antarctica as surgeon and zoologist. His party of six spent the summer of 1911-1912 camped at Cape Adare in the middle of the world's largest colony of Adélie penguins. Until 2012 he remained the only scientist to spend an entire breeding season with the penguins. His detailed observations of their breeding behaviour were considered too controversial to publish at the time. Levick and his party were forced to overwinter in 1912 on Inexpressible Island in a cramped ice cave. After active service during WWI, Levick pursued his interest in physical and recreational training, becoming involved in the training of blind people in physiotherapy and founding the Public Schools Exploring Society.



1910 - 1913
Career position - Surgeon and Zoologist, Terra Nova Antarctic Expedition
1910 - 1913
Career position - Staff Surgeon, Royal Navy
1915 - 1917
Career position - Surgeon Commander, Royal Navy
Life event - Retired from the Royal Navy

Published resources


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