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Biographical entry Harrington, Hilary James (Larry) (1924 - 2015)

Wellington, New Zealand
1 August 2015
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


Larry Harrington was a geologist who believed in continental drift before it was generally accepted and before sea-floor spread was known. In 1994 he was a moving force behind the establishment of the International Correlation Project Concerning Continental Drift at the Geological Society of America meeting. Between 1959 and 1985 he was on the staff of the Geology Department at the University of New England. Harrington was joint editor of Basement tectonics of Australia and other regions (1990), Geology of Australian coal basins (1995) and Permian coals of eastern Australia (3rd ed. 1991). He recorded the archives of Geological Society of Australia, now housed in the Australian Academy of Science. Mt Harrington in the Victory Mountains, Victoria Land, Antarctica, was named in his honour.



1957 - 1958
Career position - Leader, New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition
1958 - 1959
Career position - Leader, New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (McMurdo Sound)
1968 - 1969
Career position - Member, U.S. Antarctic Research Progress (McMurdo Sound) Investigation

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  • Branagan, David, 'Hilary ("Larry") James Harrington', INHIGEO Annual Record, 48 (2016), 33-4. Details


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