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Biographical entry Craven, Lyndley Alan (Lyn) (1945 - 2014)

1 September 1945
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
11 July 2014
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Taxonomic botanist


Lyn Craven was a taxonomic botanist whose principal research interests were in the families Myrtaceae (especially Melaleuca, Calytrix and Syzygium) and Malvaceae (Hibiscus, Gossypium and related genera), and Rhododendron (Ericaceae). For four years he worked with the CSIRO New Guinea Survey Group, participating in a number of expeditions including to the Huon Peninsula, and the Sepik and Morobe areas. In 1971 Craven joined the CSIRO herbarium in Canberra (later the Australian National Herbarium). His taxonomic observations were supported by extensive field experience and collections from many parts of Australia, and were reflected in his adoption of broader generic concepts. Craven was the author or co-author of more than 230 new species. His collections numbered over 15,000.



1964 - 1967
Career position - Laboratory Technician, New Guinea Survey Group, CSIRO Division of Land Research and Regional Survey
Education - Diploma of Horticultural Science, Burnley Horticultural College, Victoria
Career position - Botanist, Canberra Botanic Gardens
1971 - 2009
Career position - Research Scientist (later Principal Research Scientist), CSIRO Division of Land Research and Regional Survey (later Australian National Herbarium)
Education - MSc, Macquarie University
2009 - 2014
Career position - Honorary Research Fellow, Australian National Herbarium

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Journal Articles

  • Lepschi, B. J., Monro, A. M. and Cowley, K. J., 'Lyndley (Lyn) Alan Craven 3 September 1945 - 11 July 2014', Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, 167 (2016), 17-30. Details


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