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Biographical entry Shellam, Geoffrey Randolph (1943 - 2015)

12 August 1943
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia
2 July 2015
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Immunologist and Microbiologist


Geoffrey Shellam was best known for his contribution to the biology of cytomegalovirus, particularly the role of that natural killer (NK) cells play in the control of this virus. With collaborators he showed the association between NK activity and resistance to viral infection. He had a career-long engagement with this virus. His work on the immunobiology and genetic resistance murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) was widely acknowledged as a major contribution to virology and immunology. The work of his team was seminal in providing the basis for dissecting and delineating many areas of virus-host interaction, including the contribution of host resistance to infection outcome. His teaching involved all aspects of infectious diseases including virology, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and public health. Shellam also made contributions to the study of infectious diseases in Antarctic wildlife.



Education - PhD, University of Melbourne
1969 - 1972
Career position - Biochemist, Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
1972 - 1976
Career position - Horace Le Marquand and Dudley Bigg Fellowship, Royal Society London
Career position - Eleanor Roosevelt International Cander Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.
Career position - Post-doctoral Fellow, Microbiology Department, University of Western Australia
1983 - 1985
Career position - Principal Research Fellow, National Health and Medical Research Council
1985 - 2015
Career position - Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Western Australia
1991 - 1992
Career position - President, Australian Society for Immunology
1991 - 2006
Career position - Chair, Advisory Committee, UWA Press
1992 - 1994
Career position - Member, National Committee on Microbiology
1992 - 1995
Career position - Member, National Committee for Immunology
1992 - 1998
Career position - Councillor, International Union of Immunological Societies
1994 - 1996
Career position - Member, Commonwealth AIDS Research Grants Committee
Award - Distinguished Service Award, Australasian Society for Immunology
1997 - 1999
Career position - Member, Research Advisory Committee, Australian National Council on AIDS and Related Diseases
2007 - 2015
Career position - Co-Director, The Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training
Award - Life Member, Australasian Society for Immunology

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