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Biographical entry Whiffin, Trevor Paul (1947 - )

14 March 1947
Bedford, United Kingdom
Systematic botanist


Trevor Whiffin was the first plant systematics lecturer appointed to La Trobe University. This followed three years of postgraduate studies in the United States. In his 36 years at La Trobe, Whiffin combined teaching with research and the curatorship of the University's herbarium. His research focussed on the variation, evolution, biogeography and identification of Australia's rainforest flora. This research culminated in the publication of a pioneering computer-based interactive identification system Australian tropical rain forest plants: trees shrubs and vines (2003) in collaboration with colleagues in other Australian herbaria. Whiffin collected widely in Australian rainforest areas and in neighbouring islands. For the Flora of Australia he wrote the accounts of Melastomataceae and Monimiaceae. Whiffin was the inaugural President of the Australian Systematic Botany Society.



1972 - 2008
Career position - Plant Systematics Lecturer, La Trobe University
1972 - 2008
Career position - Curator, La Trobe University Herbarium
1973 - 1976
Career position - President, Australian Systematic Botany Society
Life event - Retired

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  • Parsons, Bob and Hyland, Bernie, 'Retirement: Trevor Whiffin', Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, 135 (2008), 25-8. Details


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