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Biographical entry Young, Peter C. (1940 - )

9 February 1940
Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Parasitologist and Science administrator


Peter Young undertook research directed to studies of monogenean and ascaridoid parasites of fish and other marine animals that constituted major fisheries species. In 1970 he was appointed Research Scientist with CSIRO as Officer-in-Charge of the Fisheries Research Laboratory at Deception Bay, Queensland. Until 1990 Young had leading roles in research programs and advisory groups relating to tropical fish species, prawns and fish populations on the North West Shelf, squid, tuna, Bass Strait scallops, and pollution ecology. Among the results of his research were an understanding of the role of mangroves as habit for post-larval prawns and that sexually related size differences in lethrinid fish were due to sex change and not to differential growth rates. As Chief of the Division of Fisheries he played a major role in the management of Australian fisheries research. In retirement Young worked as a consultant to government agencies and the fisheries industry, and served on a number of fisheries management advisory committees. In 1992 he donated more than 500 specimens of monogenean trematodes of fishes (mostly from Queensland) to Queensland Museum.



Education - BSc, University of London, United Kingdom
1963 - 1965
Career position - Research Fellow, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
Education - PhD, University of Queensland
1966 - 1970
Career position - Scientific Officer, Commonwealth Bureau of Helminthology at St Albans, UK
1970 - 1973
Career position - Research Scientist and Officer-in-Charge, Fisheries Research Laboratory (Deception Bay, Queensland), CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography
1985 - 1990
Career position - Program Leader, CSIRO Fisheries Resources South and Southeast
1990 - 1996
Career position - Chief, CSIRO Division of Fisheries
1992 - 1993
Career position - Associate Director, Australian Marine Science and Technology Ltd
1992 - 1996
Career position - Foundation Director, Australian Fisheries and Management Authority
1993 - 1996
Career position - Hon Research Professor, University of Tasmania
Award - Kay Radway Allan Award, Australian Society for Fish Biology
1995 - 1997
Career position - President, Australian Society for Fish Biology
1997 -
Career position - CSIRO Special Research Fellow

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Journal Articles

  • Angus, B. M., Cannon, L. G. R. and Adlard, R. D., 'Parasitology and the Queensland Museum, with Biographical Notes on Collectors', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Nature, 53 (2007), 1-156. Details


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