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Biographical entry Whittington, Ian David (1960 - 2014)

19 September 1960
Birmingham, United Kingdom
27 October 2014
Pasadena, South Australia, Australia


Ian Whittington was a recognised internationally as a specialist on monogenean parasites of marine fishes. He pursued innovative studies of whole parasites to understand parasitism in relation to structure, ecology, evolution, behaviour, life history, systematics and taxonomy and that of their hosts. In particular he used monogenean parasites as models to examine events at host-parasite interface, to draw conclusions as to how parasite larvae recognise their hosts and choose specific sites in/on their hosts. During 15 years at the University of Queensland he built and led the Monogenean Research Laboratory, the only Australian research team working on this group of fish parasites. Whittington made many overseas trips to further study monogeneans and led 40 major research projects to completion. In 2002 he was appointed jointly to the Department of Zoology, University of Adelaide, and Head of the Parasitology Section, South Australian Museum. International journals for which he served on editorial boards include Systematic Parasitology, Folia Parasitologica, Journal of Natural History and Acta Parasitologica. Whittington donated Monogenea specimens to both the Australian Helminthological Collection at the South Australian Museum and the Queensland Museum.



Education - BSc (Hons), University of East Anglia
Education - PhD, University of East Anglia
Life event - Migrated to Australia
1987 - 1989
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
1990 - 1992
Award - Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
1993 - 1996
Career position - Lecturer, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
1996 - 1999
Career position - Director, Heron Island Research Station, University of Queensland
1997 - 2002
Career position - Senior Lecturer, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
2002 - 2006
Career position - Senior Research Scientist, University of Adelaide
2002 - 2012
Career position - Head of Parasitology Section, South Australian Museum
2006 - 2014
Career position - Principal Research Scientist and Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Adelaide
2012 - 2014
Career position - Head of Biological Science, South Australian Museum
Award - Fellow (posthumous), Australian Society for Parasitology

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