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Biographical entry Cannon, Lester Robert Glen (1940 - )

4 September 1940
St Neot's, Huntingdon, United Kingdom


Lester Cannon worked trematodes in fish, ascaridoid worms on fish and molluscs, the Crown of Thorns Starfish and other parasites before being appointed to the Queensland Museum as Curator of Lower Invertebrates. He was the only Curator in any Australian museum with parasitological training. As curator Cannon built up the parasitology collections such that the Queensland Museum now has one of the world's most significant parasitology collections. In 1995 he negotiated for the WHO's International Reference Centre for Avian Haematazoa to be deposited at the Museum. Other collections transferred to Brisbane during Cannon's tenure include that of the School of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, the University of Sydney, and of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries. He was highly successful in encouraging international experts to visit the Queensland Museum to study these collections. Cannon was instrumental in the development of the Australian Society for Parasitology Information on Collections (ASPIC), the database of Australian parasitology collections. In his research Cannon described one new family, 15 new genera and many new species. The turbellarian sub-family Cannoninae Faubel & Rohde was named in his honour.



Life event - Family migrated to Australia
Education - BSc (Hons), University of Queensland
Education - PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
1970 - 1971
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
1971 - 1973
Career position - Queen's Fellowship in marine science, Department Parasitology, University of Queensland
1976 - 2003
Career position - Curator of Lower Invertebrates (later Senior Curator: Worms), Queensland Museum
1977 - 1979
Career position - Treasurer, Great Barrier Reef Committee
Award - Fellow, Australian Institute of Biology
Career position - Convenor, 8th International Symposium of the Biology of Turbellaria, Brisbane
Award - Fellow, Australian Society for Parasitology
Award - Queensland Museum Medal
Life event - Retired

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