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Biographical entry Kelsall, Conrad Moultrie (1873 - 1936)

Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom
Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Natural history collector


Conrad Kelsall arrived in Australia in the late 1890s and settled on a rainforest block in tropical Queensland on the Little Musgrave River near Cairns. For a few years, both for personal interest and as a potential commercial activity, Kelsall collected butterflies in this area which has a particularly rich butterfly fauna. Through the agency of local natural history dealer Alfred Bernie Bell, Kelsall's specimens passed into the collections of Australian and British lepidopterists. He was acquainted with beetle collector Horace Brown.

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Journal Articles

  • Lambkin, Kevin J., 'Conrad Kelsall: 'Butterflying' on the Little Mulgrave River, north Queensland, in 1903', Archives of Natural History, 40 (2013), 111-8. Details


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