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Biographical entry Dutkiewicz, Ludwik (1921 - 2008)

2 February 1921
Stara Sol, Poland
30 April 2008
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Botanical artist


Ludwik Dutkiewicz migrated it Australia in 1949 and for several years enjoyed some success as an artist. On joining Adelaide Botanic Gardens he was initially part-time and had a parallel career as designer for theatre and film. Dutkiewicz was renowned for the illustrations published botanical taxonomic works drawn from living and pressed specimens and produced over more than 40 years. Less well known were his equally accurate watercolour paintings of plants.



Life event - Migrated to Adelaide
1953 - 1983
Career position - Botanical Illustrator, Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Life event - Retired

Published resources

Journal Articles

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