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Biographical entry Dell, Edgar (1901 - 2008)

28 November 1901
18 April 2008
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Botanical artist


Edgar Dell is known for his accurate gouache paintings of the native flora of Western Australia. A skilled draftsman, he moved to Western Australia in 1927, initially working in orchards and on farms. In the early 1930s he was commissioned to produce a series of plates of Western Australian wildflowers. Of these, 135 were published in the Western Mail between 1933 and 1935 and then in book form in 1935. Charles Gardner's West Australian wildflowers, which was published in seven editions (1936-1951), included over 90 of Dell's paintings. A further 39 of Dell's paintings, designed as aids to identification, were included in Gardner's Poison plants of Western Australia (1937).



Life event - Migrated to Western Australia

Published resources

Journal Articles

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