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Biographical entry Cribb, Thomas Henry (Tom) (1960 - )

15 August 1960
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Thomas Cribb is recognised as a world authority on trematode systematics. His research interests are in the taxonomy, phylogeny, biodiversity and evolution of digenean trematodes, particularly those of freshwater and marine fishes and native Australian mammals, and co-evolution of the trematodes with their hosts. Cribb has strong international connections through working throughout tropical Indo-Pacific region His research has greatly increased understanding of numbers of these parasitic species; he has described over 300 new species and 65 genera and substantially revised several families. Over 1300 specimens of digenean trematodes from fish from the Great Barrier Reef collected by Cribb are in the collections of the Queensland Museum.



Education - BSc (Hons), University of Queensland
Education - PhD, University of Queensland
1990 - 1992
Career position - Queen Elizabeth II Research Fellow, Queensland Museum
1992 - 1996
Career position - Lecturer, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
1996 - 2001
Career position - Reader in Helminthology, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, Centre for Marine Studies, University of Queensland
2001 -
Career position - Associate Professor, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, Centre for Marine Studies, University of Queensland
2002 - 2003
Career position - President, Australian Society for Parasitology
Award - Fellow, Australian Society for Parasitology

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