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Biographical entry Batianoff, George Nicholaivich (1945 - 2009)

24 April 1945
Culdja (Yining), Sinkiang, China
20 February 2009
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ecologist and Weed scientist


George Batianoff was internationally respected for his scientific contributions to the mapping, ecology and management of vegetation in Queensland coastal communities, the flora and ecology of Queensland serpentine vegetation, and the ecology of coral cays particularly the Pisonia grandis rainforest and seabird breeding habitats. Other research centred on the ecological impact of invasive and weedy plants, and the rehabilitation of mined areas in central Queensland. After working for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries for several years on grass and forage plant projects he spent the rest of his career at the Queensland Herbarium. Over 20,000 specimens collected by Batianoff (of which approximately 7,000 are naturalised species) are in the Queensland Herbarium.



Life event - Family migrated to Australia
Education - Diploma in Agriculture, Queensland Agricultural College, Gatton
1974 - 1992
Career position - Botanist (later Senior Botanist), Queensland Herbarium
Education - BA, University of Queensland
1992 -
Career position - Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium

Published resources

Journal Articles

  • Anon, 'Vale George N, Batianoff Q.D.A., B.A.', Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, 138 (2009), 21-6. Details
  • Anon, 'George N. Batianoff', Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, 116 (2010), 36-41. Details


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