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Biographical entry Frome, Edward Charles (1802 - 1890)

7 January 1802
Gibraltar, Spain
Ewell, Surrey, United Kingdom


Edward Frome entered the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, at age 15, being commissioned in the Royal Engineers in 1825 and retiring with the rank of General in 1877. From 1827 to 1833 he served on the construction of the Rideau Canal in Canada. His Outline of the method of conducting a trigonometrical survey (London, 1840) went through four editions. In 1839 Frome was appointed as South Australia's third Surveyor General for a 10-year term. On arrival in South Australia he was required to give priority to the special surveys which entitled large buyers to the pick of the land throughout the province. By 1841, many roads and secondary towns were marked and a trigonometrical survey of the limits of settlement was completed. After leaving South Australia in 1849 he served with the Royal Engineers in further overseas postings, becoming Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey in 1869. Lake Frome in South Australia is named in his honour.



Career event - Commissioned in the Royal Engineers
1839 - 1849
Career position - Surveyor General, South Australia
Life event - Left South Australia

Published resources

Journal Articles

  • Frome, Edward Charles, 'Instructions for the Interior Survey of South Australia', South Australian Geographical Journal, 110 (2011), 92-6. Details


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