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In 2002 Joël Brugger joined the South Australian Museum and the University of Adelaide. Here he established the Minerals, Microbes & Solutions research group, dedicated to using state-of-the-art experimental techniques to study the transport and deposition of metals and mineral-microbe-fluid interaction in geological environments. Brugger has a strong interest in the application of physical sciences to Earth Sciences. He also conducts active research in descriptive mineralogy, and in uranium and REE geochemistry. In 2014 he became the Chair in Synchroton Geosciences at Monash University.



Education - PhD, University of Basel
2002 - 2014
Career position - Mineralogist, Mineralogical Department, South Australian Museum
Career position - Australian delegate, International Mineralogical Association Commission on Classification of New Minerals
Career position - Honorary Research Associate in Mineralogy, South Australian Museum
Career position - Chair in Synchrotron Geosciences, Department of Earth, Atmosphere and the Environment, Monash University

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Journal Articles

  • Anon, 'Changing of the guard in mineralogy at the South Australian Museum', Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 17 (2) (2015), 58-60. Details
  • Pring, Allan, and Brugger, Joël, 'Mawson and the Radium and Uranium Mineralisation at Mount Painter, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia', Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bulletin, 6 (2013), 86-9. Details


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