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  • The Study of Australian Eucalypts

Biographical entry Byrne, Margaret Mary (1960 - )

Dr (PhD)

Biogeographer, Ecology and Conservation and Plant geneticist


Margaret Byrne has been working as a plant geneticist focusing on Australian native plants, with a strong emphasis on the conservation genetics of rare and threatened species and the evolutionary and biogeographic history of the flora. Eucalypts, acacias and cycads, among other plant groups, are key taxa she has studied.



Education - Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, The University of Western Australia
Education - PhD, The University of Western Australia
1991 - 1995
Career position - ARC Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CSIRO Division of Forestry, Canberra
1995 - 1996
Career position - Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Forestry, Canberra.
1996 - 2000
Career position - Senior Research Scientist, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth
2000 - 2007
Career position - Principal Research Scientist, Department of Environment and Conservation, Perth.
2007 - 2010
Career position - Senior Principal Research Scientist, Department of Environment and Conservation, Perth
2010 - 2013
Career position - Director Science, Department of Environment and Conservation then Department of Parks and Wildlife, Perth
2013 -
Career position - Director Science and Conservation, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Perth

Published resources

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Book Sections

  • Byrne, M., 'Phylogeny, diversity and evolution of eucalypts.' in Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution. Volume 1, Part E, Phanerogams-Angiosperm, AK Sharma, A Sharma, ed. (Enfield: Science Publishers, 2008), pp. 303-346. Details
  • Byrne, M. and Moran, G.F., 'Chloroplast DNA diversity in Eucalyptus nitens.' in Population genetics and genetic conservation of forest trees, P. Baradat, W.T. Adams and G. Muller-Stark, eds (Amsterdam, Netherlands: SPB Academic Publishing, 1995), pp. 267-275. Details

Journal Articles

  • Byrne M, Elliott CP, Yates CJ, and Coates DJ, 'Maintenance of high pollen dispersal in Eucalyptus wandoo, a dominant tree of the fragmented agricultural region in Western Australia.', Conservation Genetics, 9 (2008), 97-105. Details
  • Byrne M, Steane DA, Joseph L, Yeates DK, Jordan GJ, Crayn D et al., 'Decline of a biome: evolution, contraction, fragmentation, extinction and invasion of the Australian mesic zone biota.', Journal of Biogeography, 38 (2011), 1635-1656. Details
  • Byrne, M and Hines, B, 'Phylogeographical analysis of cpDNA variation in Eucalyptus loxophleba (Myrtaceae).', Australian Journal of Botany, 52 (2004), 459-470. Details
  • Byrne, M and Hopper, SD, 'Granite outcrops as ancient islands in old landscapes: evidence from the phylogeography and population genetics of Eucalyptus caesia (Myrtaceae) in Western Australia.', Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 93 (2008), 177-188. Details
  • Byrne, M and Macdonald, B, 'Phylogeography and conservation of three oil mallee taxa, Eucalyptus kochii ssp. kochii, ssp. plenissima and E. horistes.', Australian Journal of Botany, 48 (2000), 305-312. Details
  • Byrne, M., 'Recognition of Eucalyptus quaerenda (Myrtaceae) at specific rank.', Nuytsia, 15 (2004), 321-323. Details
  • Steane, DA; Byrne, M; Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM, 'Chloroplast DNA Polymorphism Signals Complex Interspecific Interactions in Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae)', Australian Systematic Botany, 11 (1998), 25-40. Details


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