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Biographical entry Lutze, Mark T. (1957 - )

12 January 1957
Forest scientist and Soil scientist


After graduating in 1983, Mark Lutze worked in a number of technical, operational and planning roles with government forest agencies in ACT and Victoria. In 1994 he joined the Victorian Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at the Eastern Research Centre in Orbost, working on several silviculture and management projects of the native State forests of eastern Victoria. These included the Silvicultural Systems Project, high elevation mixed species, fire recovery in Alpine Ash, and regeneration monitoring systems. His research interests were effects on harvesting and site treatments on mixed species forest regeneration, flowering, seed production and regeneration in several eucalypt species, and various aspects impacting on regeneration such as salvage logging. He also simulated and tested regeneration measures and worked on developing regeneration standards that could be applied to various silvicultural management objectives. From 2004 until 2012 Mark Lutze worked as a forest planner in the Gippsland Region of Victoria. Projects included the development of uneven-aged harvesting systems for low elevation mixed species forest, regeneration of ash eucalypt forest after major wildfires in 2007 and 2009 and the treatment of backlog regeneration areas.



1979 - 1982
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), Australian National University
1992 - 1995
Education - Graduate Diploma in Soil Science, University of Melbourne
1999 - 2004
Education - Maser of Forest Science (Research, University of Melbourne

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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Journal Articles

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Mark Lutze and Peter Fagg