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Biographical entry Hopmans, Peter (1946 - )

Dr (PhD)

18 February 1946
Ecology and Conservation and Forest scientist


Peter Hopmans has 40 years' experience in research on forest soils and nutrition of both conifers and eucalypts. His early work included the development of methodologies for the chemical analysis of ecological materials and management of a laboratory for plant, soil and water analysis. Subsequent work involved design, execution and analysis of field experiments relating to forest soils and nutrition of conifers and eucalypts including studies of environmental effects of recycling of wastewater on tree plantations, and ecological studies to evaluate the impacts of harvesting eucalypt forests on soil fertility and stream water chemistry. His later work contributed to a multidisciplinary research program on forest soils and tree nutrition including cooperative studies with universities and CSIRO in Australia, and with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) on international forestry projects in China, India, and Indonesia. More recently Dr Hopmans, as director of Timberlands Research, has been a consultant to forest industries providing advice to forest managers on matters relating to soils, tree nutrition, water and the sustainable environmental management of tree plantations.



Education - Bachelor of Applied Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Education - Soil Science, The University of Melbourne
Education - PhD, The University of Melbourne

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Journal Articles

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