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Biographical entry Flinn, David William (1944 - )

Dr (PhD)

30 July 1944
Forest scientist


Dr David Flinn spent his entire 45-year forestry career in the field of forestry research and development. Initially he focussed on improving aspects of pine plantation management, using better site preparation methods, fertilizer and selective herbicides. Later work included hydrology, nutrition, fire effects, and thinning in eucalypt forests. In the period 1993-1998 Flinn was the Director of the Centre for Forest Tree Technology, and later became the inaugural Director of the Forest Science Centre - a result of the merger of CFTT with the School of Forestry of the University of Melbourne. Following his retirement in 2000, Flinn undertook a number of consultancies including major reports on the forest fires in Victoria in 2003 and 2006/07.



1963 - 1965
Education - Diploma of Forestry (Creswick)
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry) Hons, University of Melbourne
Career position - Joined Research Branch, Forests Commission Victoria
Education - PhD, University of Melbourne
1993 - 1998
Career position - Director, Centre for Forest Tree Technology
1999 - 2000
Career position - Director, Forest Science Centre, School of Forestry, University of Melbourne
Award - Commonwealth Forestry Association Medal (Asia-Pacific Region)
Award - NW Jolly Medal, Institute of Foresters of Australia

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Book Sections

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Edited Books

  • Flinn, D.W. and Mamers, H. eds, Management of eucalypt regrowth in East Gippsland: executive summary of research findings. (Melbourne, Vic.: CSIRO and Dept of Conservation and Environment, Victoria, 1991), 43 pp. Details
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Journal Articles

  • Fagg, P.C. and Flinn, D.W., 'Evaluation of hexazinone and 3-6 dichloropicolinic acid for control of Acacia dealbata and Eucalyptus spp. in young Pinus radiata plantations in Victoria.', Australian Forestry, 46 (1983), 190-199. Details
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David Flinn and Peter Fagg