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Biographical entry Connell, Michael Joseph (Mike) (1954 - )

23 February 1954
Forestry consultant


Michael Connell has carried out research in forestry since 1972 - initially with both APM Forest Research Pty Ltd and the Forestry and Timber Bureau. Working in both Eucalyptus and Pinus species he was involved in selection of and utilizing improved genetic stock, and establishment research including site preparation and selective herbicides.


In the late 1970s, Mike Connell was attached to the Australian Tree Seed Centre collecting Eucalyptus and Acacia. With CSIRO in the 1980s he carried out research into forest ecology and management of native Eucalyptus forests. Since the 1990s, Michael Connell has specialised in silvicultural management of eucalypt regrowth for wood production - carrying out work in collaboration with Forests New South Wales, Forestry Tasmania, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, and VicForests. In 2005 he began a forest consultancy business. He is a long-serving member of Forest Practices Consultative Committee - Research Working Group 4 Native Forest Management, and of the Institute of Foresters of Australia. Following reviews of native forest thinning strategies he produced a series of publications on best practice silvicultural methodologies for commercial thinning of south-eastern Australian eucalypt forests.


Education - Rural Technician Certificate(Forestry), University of Queensland
Education - Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resources), Canberra College of Advanced Education (former name of University of Canberra)

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Connell, M.J., Commercial thinning operations in native regrowth and plantation forest: Manuals: Principles of commercial thinning in eucalypt forests and 'best practice' for operations. Version 1.2 (Butmaroo, NSW: Eumoyni Options Pty Ltd, 2007). Details

Conference Papers

  • Connell, M.J., Thomson, D. and Raison, R.J., 'Partial harvesting of thinned even-aged regrowth forests to increase high-quality sawlog production in SE Australia.', in Growing forest values. Proceedings of ANZIF 2007 conference, 3-7 June, 2007, Coffs Harbour, NSW (Canberra: Institute of Foresters of Australia and New Zealand Institute of Forestry, 2007), pp. 103-118.. Details

Conference Proceedings

  • Intensive Management of Regrowth Forest for Wood Production in Australia: a review of current practice and future potential. edited by Connell, M.J., Raison, R.J. and Brown, A.G. (Melbourne: CSIRO, 2001). Details

Journal Articles

  • Connell, M. J., Raison, R. J., and Jenkins, P., 'Effects of thinning and coppice control on stand productivity and structure in a silvertop ash (Eucalyptus sieberi L.Johnson) forest.', Australian Forestry, 67 (1) (2004), 30-38. Details


  • Connell, M.J., VicForests: Thinning Strategy. A Report on growth and yield for use in developing the VicForests Thinning Strategy. (Butmaroo, NSW: Eumoyni Options Pty Ltd, 2005), 52 pp. Details
  • Connell, M.J. and Raison, R.J., Options to increase sawlog production from regrowth forests in East Gippsland. A report to the East Gippsland Forest Industries Project, DSE Victoria (Melbourne: Department of Sustainability and Environment, 2006). Details


Mike Connell and Peter Fagg