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Biographical entry Cremer, Kurt Wilhelm (1934 - 2005)

8 September 1934
2 June 2005
Forest scientist


On graduation from the Australian Forestry School in 1957, Kurt Cremer joined the Forestry Commission of Tasmania, researching the regeneration of Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) forest for six years. His Master of Science thesis titled Studies on problems of regeneration of Eucalyptus regnans in Tasmania was supported by an industry-funded (ANM) fellowship. In 1965 he was appointed to undertake silvicultural research at the Forest Research Institute in Canberra (later CSIRO Division of Forest Research), where he became Principal Research Scientist until 1988, then Honorary Research Fellow until 1990. In the late 1980s he coordinated contributions to, and edited Trees for Rural Australia (1990), a CSIRO book which provided comprehensive advice to landowners and managers on the use and care of trees in rural areas.



Education - Diploma in Forestry, Australian Forestry School, Canberra
Education - Master of Science, University of Tasmania, Hobart

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Edited Books

  • Cremer, K.W. ed., Trees for rural Australia (Melbourne: Inkata Press, 1990), 455 pp. Author of chapters 14, 15, 16 and 10; co-author for chapters 6, 10, and 19. Details

Journal Articles

  • Cremer, K.W., 'Growth of eucalypts in experimental plantations near Canberra.', Australian Forestry, 33 (1969), 135-144. Details
  • Cremer, K.W., 'Silvicultural practices adapted to seed supplies for natural regeneration of mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) in Tasmania.', Australian Forestry, 35 (1971), 226-233. Details
  • Cremer, K.W., 'Ability of Eucalyptus regnans and associated evergreen hardwoods to recover from cutting or defoliation in different seasons.', Australian Forest Research, 6 (1973), 9-22. Details
  • Cremer, K.W. and Mount, A.B, 'Early stages of plant succession following the complete felling and burning of Eucalyptus regnans forest in the Florentine Valley, Tasmania.', Australian Journal of Botany, 13 (1965), 303-321. Details
  • Cunningham, T.M. and Cremer, K.W., 'Control of the understorey in wet eucalypt forests.', Australian Forestry, 29 (1965), 4-14. Details



  • Cremer, Kurt W., 'Studies on problems of regeneration of Eucalyptus regnans in Tasmania', M.Sc., University of Tasmania, 1966, 255 pp. Details

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