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Biographical entry Bassett, Owen David (1964 - )

13 November 1964
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
Forest Science and Silviculture consultant


Owen Bassett has specialised in the practice of native forest silviculture since graduating in late 1987. He began his career as the principal Eucalyptus seed scientist with the Silviculture Systems Project (SSP) in East Gippsland, Victoria. In the early 1990s he began what is today one of the world's longest, continuous floral monitoring program for a forest tree species in the Mountain Ash (E. regnans) forests of the Central Highlands. This data is used to annually forecast flowering and forest seed production for Victoria's Ash species. In the mid-2000s he specialised in the recovery of eucalypt forests following bushfires in Victoria, developing 'rapid response' techniques for the regeneration of fire-killed young Ash. His career has included service to the Victorian government, Forestry Tasmania, and VicForests. Bassett retired from the public service in 2008 to operate a private company that provides silvicultural expertise in eucalypt forest management in SE Australia.



Education - Bachelor of Forest Science, The University of Melbourne
1988 - 1996
Career position - Research Officer with Victorian government departments
1996 - 1998
Career position - Research Officer, Forestry Tasmania
1999 - 2004
Career position - Silviculture Officer with Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria
Award - Received the Victorian DSE Secretary's Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement
2004 - 2008
Career position - Received the Victorian DSE Secretary's Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement 2004-2008 Forest Scientist (VicForests)
2008 -
Career position - Director, Forest Solutions Pty Ltd

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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