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Biographical entry Bradley, Joan Burton (1916 - 1982)

2 September 1916
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
18 May 1982
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
bush regenerator


Joan Burton Bradley graduated from the University of Sydney in 1938 with a Bachelor of Science and worked for an industrial chemist. With a keen interest in observing the natural environment the sisters studied the habits of the Superb Fairy-wren and their notes were published in Emu in 1958. Joan and her sister Eileen were instrumental in the development of bush regeneration, particularly in removing weeds and promoting natural regeneration. They opposed the use of chemicals and promoted the use of only small hand-tools. The sisters starting recording their work in 1962 and published a book called Weeds and their Control in 1967 which developed the three principles of the Bradley method of bush regeneration. Their restoration and landscaping of bushland project in North Sydney was funded as a National Estate project.

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