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Biographical entry Dawes-Gromadzki, Tracy



Dr Tracy Dawes-Gromadzki obtained her PhD from Flinders University in 1999 for investigating what part nutrients and predation play in the structure and distribution of terrestrial arthropod communities. In 1999 Dawes received a postdoctoral fellowship at the Tropical Ecosystem Research Centre of the CSIRO Division of Sustainable Ecosystems. There she researched the ecology and biology of termites which are poorly understood but nevertheless an essential part of the tropical savannas in Australia. Her role also involved creating an effective method to sample termites. In 2001 she was promoted to Research Scientist. She researched how terrestrial invertebrate communities functioned by utilizing descriptive studies and manipulative field experiments. Notable interests of Dawes include the relationship between macroinvertebrate diversity and various ecosystem processes, the effects of man-made disturbances on this relationship and the possible use of termites as a means to restore degraded landscapes.

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