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Biographical entry Armand, Leanne (1968 - )

20 February 1968
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Marine micropalaeontologist


Dr Leanne Armand obtained her PhD in geology from the Australian National University in 1998, focusing on algae remains as an indicator to estimate sea ice and explore changes in sea surface temperature. She further developed her work in this area whilst at the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies at the University of Tasmania (IASOS) as an Australian Research Council postdoctoral fellow. Her subsequent work as a part of the Biogeochemical Cycles Program at the Antarctic CRC involved using algae obtained from sediment traps at certain ocean sites between Antarctica and Australia to investigate biogeochemical cycles. The importance of her work relates to understanding how natural variations in sea surface temperatures and sea ice affects climate. In 2009, Dr Armand joined the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University.

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