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Biographical entry Attiwill, Peter Muecke

Botanist, Ecology and Conservation and Forestry
Alternative Names
  • Attiwill, P.M.
  • Attiwill, Peter M.


Peter Attiwill was a Reader and Associate Professor of the School of Botany at the University of Melbourne. He trained as a forester at Creswick 1953-1955. For most of his career, he has been involved in studies of productivity and nutrient cycling in the Australian eucalypt forests. Peter Attiwill published extensively, especially on eucalypt and bushfire ecology, and is co-author of several books, including Forest Soils and Nutrient Cycles (1987) and Nutrition of Eucalypts (1996). In 2012, Peter Attiwill was a board member on the Natural Resources Conservation League and of the Western Port Seagrass Partnership and holds several honorary titles at the School of Botany and Forest and Ecosystem Science at the University of Melbourne.

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Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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Edited Books

  • Attiwill, Peter M. and Adams, Mark A. eds, Nutrition of eucalypts (Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Publishing, 1996), 440 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Grierson, P. F., Adams, M. A. and Attiwill, P. M., 'Estimates of Carbon Storage in the Aboveground Biomass of Victorias Forests', Australian Journal of Botany, 40 (5) (1992), 631-640. Details



  • Attiwill, Peter Muecke, 'Studies of soil fertility and plant nutrition in Eucalyptus obliqua (L'Herit.)', PhD thesis, University of Melbourne, 1964, 334 pp. Details

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