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Corporate entry Victorian School of Forestry (1910 - 1973)

Creswick, Victoria, Australia
Education and Forestry
Alternative Names
  • School of Forestry, Creswick
Water Street, Creswick, Victoria


The School of Forestry was established in 1910. The School began in a house built in 1884 for Dr John Tremearne, the resident medical officer at the Creswick Hospital from 1872 to 1888.The building has been used since 1909 as a forestry school. Sited next to the Victorian State Nursery and Plantation at Saw Pit Gully, it was the first institution set up in Victoria to train and accredit young foresters. During the 1850s and 1860s much of the forestry around Creswick had been destroyed in the pursuit of gold. The forester John La Gerche was placed in charge of the forest land around Creswick in the late 1880s. He established a State nursery at nearby Saw Pit Gully in 1888 to aid the revegetation of the forests around Creswick. The State nursery and experimental eucalypt and pine plantings soon became the Victorian State Nursery and Plantation. In 1973, the Victorian School of Forestry merged with the University of Melbourne, which created the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.


 1910 - 1973 Victorian School of Forestry
       1973 - 1995 Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
             1995 - 1997 Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture
                   1997 - 2005 Institute of Land and Food Resources
                         2005 - 2008 Faculty of Land and Food Resources
                               2008 - Melbourne School of Land and Environment

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Teaching resources

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