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Biographical entry Johnston, Robert Douglas (1922 - 2011)


30 September 1922
Manly, New South Wales, Australia
22 June 2011
Bellengen, New South Wales, Australia


After serving in the army and air force in World War II, Robert Johnston graduated with honours in botany. In 1951 he joined the Forestry and Timber Bureau, where he worked with Norman Hall on developing a punch-card system for identifying eucalypts and dicotyledon families. Johnston collaborated with other botanists on several publications on eucalypts, notably with Norman Hall, George Chippendale and Rosemary Marryatt. Johnston made a major collection of the grey gum group between 1965 and 1966.



Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus racemosa Cav. var. signata (F. Muell) Johnston & Marryatt

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See also

  • Hall, Norman, Botanists of the Eucalypts: short biographies of people who have named eucalypts, whose names have been given to species or who have collected type material (Melbourne: CSIRO, 1978), 101 pp. Details

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