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Biographical entry Bynoe, Benjamin (c. 1803 - 1865)


c. 1803
13 November 1865
Botanical collector and Surgeon


Benjamin Bynoe was surgeon on the voyage of the Beagle, 1837-1843. The boat explored parts of north-western Australia and the channels through Bass and Torres Straits. Bynoe was also the botanist on this journey and made valuable collections on Depuch Island, the Abrolhos, the Victoria River, Bass Strait and in New South Wales. His collections are in the Hooker herbarium, now part of the Kew Herbarium. Bynoe is commemorated by Acacia bynoeana Benth. (1855).



1837 - 1843
Career event - Eucalyptus perfoliata R.Br. ex Benth. (= Eucalyptus zygophylla Blakely); Bynoe collected the syntype
1837 - 1843
Career event - Surgeon and collector on the voyage of the Beagle
Taxonomy event - Acacia bynoeana Benth. was named for Bynoe

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